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Academic Community Pharmacy

Welcome to the Swiss validation survey for the definition of "Academic Community Pharmacy".


The profession of community pharmacist is evolving towards professional pharmacy services (PPS) delivered to the patients, and there is a need to support these changes with academic activities. The role of universities, research groups and professional associations is therefore crucial.

In this context, the “academic community pharmacies” (ACP) contribute to the translation of innovations from theory to practice. While academic pharmacists, including community pharmacists, are identified in some policy documents1,2, no formal definition was found for ACP.

We propose a definition based on the following concepts from the literature :  

   - The “academic medical centers” include different types of organizations including three core functions of: (1) patient care, (2) education/teaching activities and (3) research with different balance between these core tasks3;  

   - The “academic Health Science Centers” have a tripartite mission of providing high quality research, medical education and clinical care4 .

This survey aims to challenge this first proposition of definition of an “academic community pharmacy” inspired by these concepts. The definition is divided in four parts/dimensions. For each part, you will be asked : 1) to assess the clarity of the statement (Likert scale); 2) to say whether you agree with this dimension (Likert scale); 3) to make free comments and proposals for changes related to this dimension. Finally, at the end of the survey, you can add free general comments.


We thank you for your participation and are looking forward to reading your answers and comments.


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